How To Select the Best Payroll Company For Your Firm

Employers all across America are faced with having to deal with compliance issues related to hiring, managing and terminating employees.  Outsourcing the Payroll, HR Administration and Benefit Administration to a trusted provider is the best way for your organization to create efficiencies, streamline your employee data management, and ensure that the business is in compliance with filing and notice deadlines.  But how do you choose which payroll provider offers the best solution?

Aside from offering the basics of calculating payroll and tax obligations, printing and delivering checks, depositing and reporting the taxes to the proper agencies and assuming the penalties when in error, the key component a payroll firm should be evaluated on is customer service.  Unlike other business services, you will constantly be relying on your payroll provider for deadline sensitive responses to your support issues.  In many cases a national provider with a local processing office is ideal, mainly due to the fact that payroll emergencies or corrections that need to be made can be remedied quickly and within the same time zone.  Identifying the key factors that provide this information can be subjective but measured.  First factor to identify is the eagerness of existing clients to provide references and in many cases you can identify this in their responses.  Obviously a reference should not provide a bad referral, but it can provide some insight into the type of relationship they have with the firm.  Questions that you should consider asking the references are:

  1. Have you used another payroll service before switching to PAYROLL COMPANY and how do those experiences compare?
  2. How responsive is PAYROLL COMPANY to your questions?
  3. Have you had any issues with PAYROLL COMPANY and if so, how quickly and accurately were they handled?
  4. Why did you choose PAYROLL COMPANY initially? And did they deliver on that factor?

The retention of the payroll firms’ clients is a measurable metric that should be easily shared.  In essence, determining their client loyalty is a direct reflection on their commitment to high levels of service. Know more here!

Another important factor to consider is how the providers’ services align with your business needs and goals.  For new business, growing companies and established firms, there are a myriad of considerations faced when it comes to management of employee related items.  For example, a new business may want to utilize a payroll firm just to handle the employee checks and tax filing and remove that headache.  Over time though, as the business changes and grows, employee satisfaction and retention becomes critical.  Employers find that they will need to offer benefits to retain employees and should begin to formalize their policies to provide their staff with clear communication and direction.    Many employers pull together multiple vendor relationships to address this and ultimately find that managing this can be cumbersome.  By the time they are established firms, and sometimes before this happens, the need to streamline these in order to create efficiencies and meet the goals of the company becomes imperative.  Ensuring that the firm you choose is able to provide services to small, medium and large business and that the firm is not niche specific is critical to making sure that you always have a partner that is able to provide you with what your business needs.

And finally, an equally important item to consider when choosing the provider is trust.  It is critical that you identify and choose a stable provider.  They should be able to provide you with a proven track record or history of business and produce verifiable documentation on their security protocols and procedures.  If they don’t have either of these, then don’t do business with them.

A last item of note – when comparing providers don’t be easily fooled by free promotions and gimmicky discounts or waived implementation fees.  Often, within 6 months the rates will go up or charges will be added and you will end up paying more than the comparable firms.  Just pick the best firm for your business and long term strategies, and ultimately you will save time and money, which is the whole purpose of outsourcing. For more information, visit:

Making Sense of Business Payroll Options

Selecting the best payroll service option for your business can be tricky. Here are some payroll options you may want to consider;

Payroll Software

There are two types of payroll software you can use;  desktop and online. Read details below.

Desktop software requires entering payroll data. After calculating payroll and taxes, it is possible to use direct deposit or print out the checks. It is necessary to download the desktop software, and you will be able to access desktop software from your computer only. It has to be updated every time the tax rates change. Also, the amount of information you save cannot exceed your computer’s storage space. This software can save you money and time. It is usually available at reasonable prices. Desktop software offers different services and extra features like attendance tracking. Customer assistance and payroll tax filing services are typically available from the software. On the other hand, you have to learn how it works. It is important to take care of securing your computer, as desktop software contains private information on your employees. Besides, you should be careful about payroll tax payment; if you forget about it, it can be turn out a very expensive mistake.

Online payroll software works in almost the same way as desktop software. The only difference is that your information are stored in the cloud. This software updates tax rates automatically, so you do not have to worry about it. Some of the online softwares can file your payroll taxes. The software is easily accessible from anywhere, you just need an Internet connection.

Hiring a Professional

You can also hire payroll accountants or payroll service companies. Payroll accountants, just like companies can handle everything related to your payroll, or they can do just a part of it. The company usually prints out the checks and mail them to you (unlike payroll accountants).

Good thing about hiring payroll professionals is that you do not have to worry about anything; they do it all by themselves. You do not need to worry about tax rates changes, new regulations, or calculating payroll. Besides, they are trained professionals and they can easily resolve any problem that may occur from using payroll software. It is certainly convenient and time saving, but it can be costly. Actually, this is the most expensive one among these three options. Also, you will not control your payroll or be able to improve your payroll skills –  but give it away completely to another person/company. If you are comfortable with this, than this is your best bet!

Do It Yourself

There are tax tables provided by the government so you can use for payroll calculation. It can be cheap, and you will be completely in control of your payroll. However, it is often time-consuming. Since you have to it all by yourself; recordkeeping, calculation, payroll processing and distributing checks, your accuracy could be off. In addition, as you will not be using services of any payroll company, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of your payroll and incorrect numbers often mean a fine by the government. For more details you can read our article